UAFF - United African Farmers Forum
Our Walk to Prosperity and Security


United African Farmers Forum
The United African Farmers Forum (“UAFF”) was mooted on the 29 December 2019, when Mr Mdungazi Thamsaqa Mnisi created a United Farmers Forum (UFF) WhatsApp group that invited farmers, most of whom were black emerging and aspiring farmers, to participate in the chat group as a networking farmers forum. After a lot of chat debates the group came to a conclusion that South African farmers, mainly from black communities, despite efforts made by the government and interests groups in organising them into agricultural unions and associations, were still not part of the agricultural mainstream sector.
Amongst other points observed and raised by the chat group were the following:
Firstly, not having access to land remained a crucial point that continues to hinder black farmer’s growth.
Secondly, government and its agencies needed the ability to transfer agricultural technology and innovation to farmers.
Lastly, frustration with the lack of accessing finance and markets for their fledgling farming business was a big disadvantage for participating meaningfully in the agricultural economy.


To be the African leading agri-business organisation in the continent

Our Mission

Aim on creating a UNITED AFRICAN FARMERS Organisation that supports its members and stakeholders to be able to compete in food and agricultural sectors.

Our Strategy

• To enable our members to have access to land for food and agricultural purposes
• Unite and grow our organisation to have core capabilities in farming
• Provide and transfer agricultural technology and innovation to our farmers
• Afford our members access to finance and market for their fledgling farming businesses
• Focus on sectors that are aligned with the government agricultural growth strategy
• Exceed our members, stakeholders and our supporter’s expectations
• Create a capital base through prudent investments to sustain our organisation

Our Value Proposition

• Focus and clear strategy to grow our members to be commercial farmers
• Strong leadership experience in agricultural communities
• Skilled and committed management and employees
• Infrastructure and fund raising capabilities from local and global investors
• Synergies maximised across government departments, agricultural sector, business   organisations and our communities.